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Sep 8 2023

Swimify Livetiming App Update - v2.3

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A new version of Swimify Livetiming App has been released. Available on Google Play and Apple App Store.

New Features

✨ Added filter on country on competitions

Now it is possible to show only competitions from a selected country, making it easier to find your competitions.

✨ Added showing reaction time in splits in race details view, previously missing

✨ Added showing qualifications in swimmer details view

Now it is possible to see if swimmer has qualified in an event if you are looking at all the events of one swimmer. Previously this was missing.

✨ Added search competition feature to favourite swimmer view

When looking at a starred swimmer who as been in many competitions it is now possible to search for a specific competition.

✨Added records to entry, heat and summary lists

Now you can see previous records in event view, if the competition management has added them to the competition.

Bug Fixes

🐛 Fix bug with restoring purchases making the app crash.

🐛 Fix bug that made the app freeze on the loading screen occasionally.

🐛 Fix bug that made long competition names be cut off weirdly.