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Apr 5 2024

Swimify Admin - Release

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We are happy to announce the release of our new tool Swimify Admin!

Swimify Admin is the main administrative tool to access and manage your club and Livetiming competitions.

Swimify Admin replaces the old system of placing an order for a Livetiming competition, for users that previously has used Livetiming.

✨ Create and edit your Swimify Livetiming competitions

With Swimify Admin you can order new Livetiming competitions and edit details such as date, images and location.

✨ Manage user access

  • Add and remove users from your competition.

  • Send invitation to all club coaches for visiting clubs, when the entries has been added from Swimify Meet Manager

  • Add referees, coaches and administrators easily.

✨ Manage your club and club users

As club administrator you also gain access to manage your Swimify Club.

  • Add users: Administrators, coaches and referees.

  • Edit club details.

As club administrator you can also access all your club’s competitions and create new competitions.

Read more about how to use Swimify Admin here.