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WinGrodan v2.7.7716 has been released - News / Releases - Swimify Help Center

Feb 14 2021

WinGrodan v2.7.7716 has been released

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A new version of WinGrodan 2 has been released. Below you can see what has changed.

WinGrodan 2 changelog


Created 2021-02-15

Please make sure you also update WinGrodan 2 CIS and WinGrodan 2 Timekeeping to the latest version.

  • Added SuperLive Settings button right next to the LiveTiming settings that opens a window with new SuperLive settings. Please read new SuperLive documentation on how to do this at

  • Updated some Finnish texts.

  • Added Hungarian as printing language.

  • Added option in Events tab to have the seeding reversed for preliminary heats and time finals. What this means is that the first heat becomes the last heat and the last heat becomes the first heat and so on for every heat in the round. So the fastest swimmers will swim in the first heat and the slowest swimmers will swim in the last heat.

  • Added option to import entries from Excel file. The Excel file must have a specific format. Please check in the WinGrodan 2 installation folder for a file called EntryWG2Template.xlsx for a template. Please make a copy of this file and add your entries that you want to import into WinGrodan 2.

  • Updated the lookup database with the WPS parameters for 2021.