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Jun 19 2024

Swimify Referee - Update 1.2

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A new version of Swimify Referee app has been released! Available now in Google Play and Apple App Store.

New Features

Added onboarding display where users can test all features and learn how to use the app.

The onboarding is shown the first time you open the app, but if you want to try everything out without doing real disqualifications you can access the onboarding from your profile.

Added option to auto-follow current heat.

Check the box next to the current heat in the header to automatically open the next heat, when it is activated from Timekeeping. If you are doing edits or entering a disqualification you will get asked if you want to continue doing that, or be automatically moved to next heat.

Added user log to be able to see if everything is working correctly and disqualifications are added properly.

All disqualifications, changes and edits are now written in a log, to show who’s done them. The log is available both in-app and in Meet Manager. If anything is not showing up, check the log to see if everything has worked or if there was any errors.

Added competition disqualification dictonary,.

Now your referees have access to a list of all disqualification rules that are available for the active competition. To change which disqualification rules are available, edit that in Meet Manager.

Added running time to current heat.

A running time clock is now visible on the current heat after start, showing how long time the heat has been running.


🌱 Fixed a few UI issues, making the app easier to use. For example it is now possible to click as well as swipe on swimmers and heats to reveal swipe buttons.

🌱 Updated how login refresh tokens are stored and updated to make users not get logged out while using the app, and making the user stay logged in when re-opening the app.

Bug Fixes

🐛 Fixed bugs with font scaling; app crashing; and disqualifications not being saved properly.