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Feb 23 2024

Swimify LiveTiming Web update - v 1.0.25

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A new version of Swimify Livetiming Web has been released! Available now on

New Features

✨ New countries added

It is now possible to filter on Canadian or Icelandic competitions!

✨ Added animations in heats, summary and scoreboard when results and splits are updated.

Now it is possible to see which results were updated, to better visualize that everything is getting updated in real time.

✨ Added running time clock in heats and scoreboard to show an estimate of how long a heat has been running.

✨ Summary lists now display gold, silver or bronze colour for the top 3 swimmers in finals and timed finals.

✨ Added possibility to show age groups on entry lists.

✨ Added badge for competitions with SuperLive so it can be seen from start page.

✨ Beta testing - Added button to show specific heat in SuperLive directly in heats view.

Only on certain competitions, testing an upcoming feature.

Bug Fixes

🐛 Fix bug which made scoreboard jump around when a new heat was loaded.

🐛 Fix bug where entry time with difference to results was not being shown in heats after finish.